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"Bringing Santa's Friends to You"

Since 2014


Snowflake was born on April 19, 2016 weighing 6.75lbs. He was the first reindeer calf born on the Show-Me Reindeer Farm . He is son of Blitzen and Dasher.

Snowflake is quite the mischievous reindeer always looking for trouble. We tell him, ” You have the beauty of your mother but the onoryness of your father.” Since the day he was born he has looked to his father Blitzen with great admiration. His favorite treat is crimped oats with a touch of molasses. He loves to run and play with all the reindeer. Although he was named by our oldest daughter while he was still in the womb, “Snowflake” fits him quite well as he has the whitest winter coat of all our reindeer.